Property managers who do exactly that;
manage your property.

Client focused. Boutique portfolios.
Cloud based technology.
Contactable around the clock.
So, you can focus on what’s important.
And let us do what we do best.


If it wasn’t in their email address, would you know your property manager’s name? At WHITEFOX, it’s more than a dedicated team, it’s your own personalised service partner. You get to know your property manager on a different level, with direct communication, contactable around the clock. And it’s this difference, that helps take our property management to the next level.

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Property managers with faces. One’s you know, and they know you. Contactable when you need, not just when they need you — think maintenance requests, urgent repairs, and renter agreement queries. It’s the level of service you wish you always had, and now you do, at WHITEFOX.

*Terms and conditions apply

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