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Sales Co-ordinator

Structure, processes, and systems — Ashleigh conquers them all, and continually improves them so that the team is performing at their peak. She’s worked with some of Melbourne’s biggest names in property, but it’s the love for beautiful homes, being around like-minded people, and constantly moving in a fast-paced environment that sold Ashleigh on WHITEFOX.


Meticulously organised, everything has its place — even on her desk and in Excel. But it’s managing a team that is constantly on the move, selling, meeting, calling, laughing that keeps her on her toes and feeling fulfilled — because building rapport with clients and colleagues comes as both nature and nurture for Ashleigh.


An eye for detail, Ashleigh could spot a needle in a haystack — it’s how campaigns are executed with effortless grace and seamless results. You won’t find her out at brunch on the weekend, but at home making her own pancakes (because she does them better than your café), but if she’s toasting to another successful process with the team, it’ll be an amaretto sour, thanks.

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