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Senior Advisor & Negotiator

There are two sides to every story. But there’s no doubt that with Callum’s dedication, your deal will be worth writing home about.

Reserving convention for the contract of sale, Cal’s door is always open — literally and figuratively. But it’s how he closes it which has Cal measuring his impressiveness by the impression he leaves on your life. Determined. Diligent. Transparent. Or in the words of those who pass on his name with unwavering loyalty, genuine. Cal is a specialist in deals across all periods of homes. And it’s this flexibility to adapt to your surrounds which makes the process of selling your home seamless.

On the move, so you can soon be too, a takeaway coffee might replace the breakfast menu at Dundas and Fausset — but the one at Donovan’s is happily in Cal’s hand when the day, and The Deal, is sealed.

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