Hollie Mannering Back

Executive Assistant to Cheyne Fox

It was the fast-paced growth and gritty challenges that attracted Hollie to real estate, but it was the relational opportunities to connect with a variety of different people that had her hooked. This led Hollie to achieve more in nine months than many do in five years — she was promoted twice, assisted the President of the REIV, and completed her full agent’s license to name a few.

Authentic, dedicated, and empathetic, Hollie claims that it’s her sweet nature and organic communication style that is her superpower — building trust and rapport with clients to solve complex problems. Looking after your greatest asset is her greatest honour. Fighting in your corner with an oat latte in hand, she’ll also be considering how her next move will benefit those around her.

Before working in real estate, WHITEFOX was a constant on her Instagram feed — and after stepping inside, she quickly realised that this was where she wanted needed to be. If WHITEFOX are setting the pace, Hollie’s got the stamina to match.

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