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In only half a day, Indi leased a property for $12,000 per week. And that wasn’t a once off. At his previous role, Indi increased the profitability of the property management department by almost half. Now, imagine what he can do for your property. Interested? We were.

And that’s why Indi is now here — with confidence that is both off-the-scale and predetermined. It’s a self-assurance built by doing things today, following up tomorrow, and again the day after that. A diligence that was missing from his first experience with a property manager, and the reason why he joined the game all those years ago.

Honest. Assiduous. Energetic. Away from the hum of real estate, Indi’s favourite breakfast spot is in his kitchen, with Japanese cookbooks and property law documents sprawled across the bench. Ensuring your situation is dealt with kindness, diplomacy, and the right Sake to celebrate. Kanpai.

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