James Anderson Back

Advisor & Negotiator

A young force in real estate, James joins WHITEFOX after a whirlwind 18 months that saw him ascend to the Head of Sales in the world of investment structured real estate — at age 21. How? Drive. Which is exactly why he’s now advising and negotiating here.

The appeal of being able to use both knowledge and personality to assist clients and potential purchasers in a transaction, is everything James loves in The Deal. Dedicated, direct, and fun. It’s what you would expect in the next breed of talent, but James commits to it with the same values people have come to trust in WHITEFOX — with added smarts and pride.

As a national high school basketball champion — in the USA no less, James understands the goal, and the commitment it takes to achieve it. Something he brings to the real estate game, and something he intends to continue, as he grows with WHITEFOX Real Estate.

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