Marty Fox Back

Founder & Director

The Art of The Deal.

Marty started WHITEFOX in February 2017, but it was nothing like an overnight success. Throughout Marty’s 13 year real estate journey, the appeal of an agency that was bolder in not just the way it looked, but how it operated both behind the scenes, and in the art of the deal, drove him then and still does today. And it wasn’t just about being different, but also being smarter. Seeing the opportunity social and digital harnessed in the marketing and transaction of property — and in these five years, WHITEFOX has gone on to transact over $1B in property.

Experienced in the deal and quick to react, Marty constantly has you and your asset front of mind. And it’s the ability to push the boundaries on what can be done, and what was thought shouldn’t be, as to why Marty has quickly become one of the best and most sought-after voices on real estate in the country.

Talk. Walk. Game changer.

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