Nathan Verwoert Back

Senior Negotiator & Advisor

Entering real estate at the age of 19 means that Nathan has grown with the industry, and more recently from eight years of working luxury real estate in the Stonnington market. With plenty of skin in the game, he only has the appetite for a refined, experience-driven approach that achieves results for his clients —like the classic Range Rover he drives.

Nathan believes you won’t find an industry with greater gratitude or genuine emotion. Joining a milestone in someone’s story is an unbeatable feeling and is a responsibility he takes with careful consideration and unrivalled diligence, so be prepared to clink Negroni’s in celebration sooner than expected.

The first to get his chips on the table when it comes to collectables like art, vintage cars, NFTs, and heritage number plates, Nathan can recognise a potential treasure or valuable investment from a mile away. It’s what makes him such a sharp resource for clients and colleagues alike.

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