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Advisor & Negotiator

Not all determination is created equal. And it’s obvious when Owen greets you. Fuelled by the understanding that property signifies security, stability, and empowerment, he’s an empath; ensuring that the strategy to achieving your ambitions is clearly laid out.


Owen doesn’t just talk the talk — although he has been known to negotiate deals until 3am — he also walks the walk, preferably with a strong almond latte in hand. Because a home is built on countless memories, and creating a seamless experience throughout the sale is exactly how he adds to it.


A sign that ours work, it was a WHITEFOX board outside an Elsternwick property that sold Owen on our unique industry vision. From a follow on social to now firmly establishing his presence in the Brighton office, some connections simply make sense. Which is why your rapport with him, will seal the deal for you.

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