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Deal Concierge

To put it into perspective, Peter completed his biography questionnaire with pen and paper. And it’s this care and consideration to do things right, the first time, that you can rely on him for.

It’s an old-school work ethic that is born from 35 years networking and openly communicating on the hairdressing floor. Warm. Enigmatic. Relatable. These are transferable skills now applied with commitment to The Deal. And a precise eye for detail that will be the difference in you celebrating the sale of your home with a glass of Moët or Dom Pérignon.
Adaptable to his environment, it’s a scotch on the rocks whilst discussing the market or a glass of pinot noir whilst debating oak or maple floorboards. It’s attentiveness and commitment to each independent situation that we’ve seen before. As they say, like father like son.

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