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Portfolio Development Manager

Sam starts each day confident. And if you think that’s just a line, then you should drop him one. As it’s what’s said between hello and speak soon that will leave you feeling the same way he does.

It’s a mindset for Sam, not just motivation to move up the ladder. In saying that, his success has been swift — accelerating from property assistant to leasing and development manager within his first two years in real estate. A trajectory that you’ll see reflected in the time between appraisal letter and first payment receipt.

Driven. Detailed. Caring. He’s building his own property portfolio whilst managing yours. A personal investment means he’s acutely aware of the renting experience, so he can make yours unlike any other.

And as for how Sam ended up at WHITEFOX, well, that’s a story that starts with him driving past one of our infamous boards and ends with you asking what it said over a glass of pinot noir at Kisumé. Intrigued? We were.

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