Zac Jacobs


Zac Jacobs

When the odds in the negotiation are stacked against you, Zac goes one better than leveling the playing field — he puts them in your favour.

It’s a reputation built on 30 years in the property investment game. And it’s this market knowledge that will be your advantage when going head-to-head with professionals in the real estate arena. Pragmatic. Creative. Obsessive. He’s across everything: from strategy, to investing, to daily operations. But most importantly, Zac recognises property potential and holds the keys (read: experience in sales and business development for several international companies) to unlocking it for you.

Early mornings are spent ensuring his iCalendar is working as hard as he is — it’s Zac’s recipe for getting The Deal done. And when it is, it’s a dirty gin and tonic to celebrate. Curious? The answer, and many more, lie in his details below.

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