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Investment Negotiator & Advisor

Speaking in a matter-of-fact way, it takes a certain kind of person to be a property manager. But thankfully for you, taking care of properties long after The Deal has been done is something that Zac was born to do.

Although real estate might be in his blood, it’s the variety in the day-to-day which keeps it pumping. Starting the day with the urgent matters means no two begin the same, so yours can continue as scheduled. Direct. Responsive. Diligent. He’s calling the shots before calling you with the outcome. And it’s these solutions that he shares over Sunday night dinner with those who know it all first-hand.

Experienced in filling vacancies, and how Zac filled this one is a lesson in seeing social media as an opportunity, not a job. Which is exactly how he felt when applying for this one by replying to an Instagram Story, not a Seek ad.

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