Jesse Jones Back

Senior Negotiator & Advisor

In a tenuous situation, Jesse knows the most effective antidote to empty promises is a full phone battery — and an internal battery to match.

As such, his approach to your transaction, and real estate, is one of one-hundred percent — a statement rooted in the fact that he was named ‘one to watch’ by John McGrath himself. Which speaks volumes of Jesse’s decision to join the team at WHITEFOX Real Estate. Authentic. Informed. Confident. Jesse negates processes for management. Read: your deal is number one and never one-size-fits-all — regardless of the number on the table.

An early riser, breakfast at Lenny in Albert Park is earned through morning movement. And this energy doesn’t stop throughout the day either — Jesse is listing, selling, calling, driving and seeing you face-to-face to keep the momentum, and your sale, moving forward.

Following up and following through, Jesse chooses to focus on moments rather than minutes — because the job never ends, but it does pauses to sip on a negroni in some fulfilling places.


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